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Can You Guess What’s Going on Here?

Niceballs - Office Novelty


What happens when a Spanish communications company partners with a special effects engineer from the movie Gravity?  The result is Niceballs.

Imageart, a communications firm known for some whacky campaigns designed to garner attention decided that the perfect way to celebrate summer vacation was to partner with Oscar-winning, “Gravity,” special effects engineer Raúl Rodríguez Romeo to give you a new way to relieve stress at work.

I Guess, why not?

Niceballs from Imageart
People seem to have a strange obsession with creating testicals for things that you wouldn’t expect would need to rock a pair. Pick up trucks – check. Bike seat balls. Yep they exist too. How about testical-shaped tea bags. Them too. So why not a squishy pair for your office desk?

Imageart is pretty proud of the industrial design. Would you buy a pair for your desk?

Imageart via Boredpanda

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