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Move Over Flabongo, Here Comes the Thirst Bat

thirst bat


Have you ever looked at an ordinary baseball bat and thought it needs some improvement? First we got the standard wooden bat, which did its job but was still missing something. Then came the efficient and shiny aluminum bat, which still had the main issue of its predecessor.

Both types of bat shared one glaring problem: you couldn’t drink out of them. While they were designed to hit home runs out of the park, they lacked the simple ability to help the user enjoy a nice amber ale on the sidelines.Why even own a piece of sports equipment that can’t help you get buzzed in the middle of the game? I know whenever I’m out shopping for a new football helmet, I make sure to get the one that doubles as a beer hat.

thirst bat, bat and beer bong

Well, the fine people at ThirstBat are finally coming up with a solution. That’s right, they’ve begun a KickStarter to bring us the very first combination beer bong/baseball bat. And to think I would have never guessed that I’d type those words. The future truly is here.

In the opening video for their KickStarter, one of the creators describes the project as combining “sports equipment and hydration into one awesome product.” Now, while, we should take the “hydration” part with a grain of salt, the video does deliver on its promise: a fully functional baseball bat you can drink out of.

baseball, thirst bat

There are currently two types of ThirstBats available: the standard baseball bat which carries 30 ounces and the cricket bat which contains 50 ounces. While I’m not entirely sure how to play cricket, those extra 20 ounces may be what gets me interested in the game.

cricket and baseball bats

In addition to the initial explanation, we get some videos of the product in use. I must say, while I’ve enjoyed drinks out of everything from sippy cups to yard long glasses, the prospect of trying out this new alcohol transportation device intrigues me. Call me a renaissance man, but I simply won’t be satisfied until I’ve found a way to drink out of as many everyday objects as possible. (I’m looking at you, stapler on my desk. What have you done for me lately?)

Clearly, ThirstBat is a very intriguing project. I could definitely see it being popular amongst fans of hitting things and fans of drinking things alike. The KickStarter campaign has currently raised nearly $10,000 of their $14,417 goal. Will you be backing the project to ensure our founding fathers’ dream of drinking out of their sports equipment?


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