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These 11 Defenders Will Make Your Neighbors Insanely Envious

Spectre Land Rover Defender by Arkonik


With the hot August sun beating down on us in sunny California, everyone’s got their Jeep Wranglers out mobbin’ to the closest pool or beach.  Yeah, the Wranglers cool, but how do you secure the coolest ride in the pool parking lot?  You go Defender.  With that in mind, we took a look at the 11 hottest Land Rover Defenders for sale.  From custom builds to off the shelf options, we’ve got you covered.  And we threw in some hard tops too to cover you in the cold.

The Bro Mobile – 1994 Yellow Lifted Defender 90

This professionally-restored 1994 Land Rover Defender 90 open top has been tricked out, completely down to all new rubber throughout and Puma front seats. For sale for $79,991. Located in Dallas, TX.

Spock – Arkonik’s Custom Blue Soft Top Turbo Diesel

According to Arkonik, “Spock is a stunning 200TDi 90 soft top with an Arles Blue finish that is sure to turn heads. Boasting Ebony Fire & Ice side steps, Premium Sound System with Apple Car Play, an A-bar with LED spotlights, and a combination of Mach 5 wheels and General Grabber AT2 tyres, this truck will demand attention in the Empire State of the South.” We couldn’t say it any better ourselves.

G.I. Joe Meets the Dope Man – 1990 Custom Defender 110

Details are sparce on this savage matte green 1990 Defender 110. But it can be copped for $139,000 on eBay.

The Classic – 1997 Red Defender 90

1997 Was the last year that the Defender 90 was mass produced in the US and is arguably the best year for the vehicle. This red soft top is mint, with 73k miles.

Mr. Hardcore – 1991 Custom Build from Tophat Classics

Starting at $70,000 you can build your very own 1991 hard top custom Defender. The glossy silver is doing it for us.

Subtle Flossin – Arles Blue 1997 Hard Top

This clean Defender was previously owned by an engineer and meticulously maintained, making it’s 110,000 no big thang to us. Especially considering the price tag of $57,900 puts this bad bad in the “affordable” range as far as Defenders go.

I Eat Your Mini Van for Breakfast – Arkonik Prestige II Defender

This custom build Defender is “a Bonatti Grey 110 Station Wagon designed to hold a presence. Its Kahn 1948 16-inch alloys, BF Goodrich AT tyres, Fire & Ice side steps and Front Runner roof rack give its exterior a military-grade feel.” Ultimate family car?

The Urban Explorer – 1994 Mean Green Defender 90″

This car has spent its entire life tearing up the mean streets of Brentwood (Los Angeles), Killafornia. Aside from it’s rustic flavor, we’re feeling it’s $50,000 price point.

The Topless White Girl – 1995 Defender Open Top

With only 6,039 original miles this open top defender is cleaner than a school girl. Located in Dallas, TX, price upon inquiry.

The New Kid on the Block – 2015 Autobiography Defender

While they stopped producing new Defenders in the US in 1997, Land Rover has selectively released new models in the UK including the Autobiography. This model was part of a limited production run of only 80 cars. It’s the most expensive production Defender and costs £61,845 when new, but this car will go for way more than that due to its limited availability.

The James Bond – Arkonik’s Spectre Custom Build Bigfoot Replica Defender

This one is pure fire. Arkonik replicated the Bigfoot Defender, as featured in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre. A Santorini black 110 complete with a 3.5L V8 gasoline engine makes this bigfoot go hard.

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