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Watch: Drone Surfing is Now Real



What is Drone Surfing

Drone makers are innovating at a frenzying pace. And the result of their innovations is pretty epic. This week we showed you the first burrito delivery drone. Now, we bring you drone surfing!

How Does Drone Surfing Work?

The guys at drone manufacturer Freefly Systems hooked up their powerful Alta 8 Octocopter to a tow rope and proved that you can use a relatively small drone to pull a boarder across water. The $18,000 Alta 8 features a max RPM of 6,300, which allows it to carry a payload of 26 pounds. Turns out that on water, that’s all you need to delivery an impressively fast ride.

From the video, we can see that the rider is positioned on a standard wakesurf board, giving him the flexibility to carve and slide across the glassy water under his feet.

Drone Surfing Offers Huge Potential as New Sport

There’s been no shortage in ingenuity when it comes to delivering new boarding experiences, and we’ve got to say that things have come along. First there was the boat. Then the jet ski was introduced as a lightweight alternative. Then there was the automatic cable pull. Then cable parks. Somewhere in the middle, kitesurfing started entering the picture. And fast-forward to today, you can now get pulled on your board by a drone.

Why do we think drone surfing has potential to become a sport? Let’s break down the reasons:

1. An $18,000 drone is cheaper than a boat – Score
And we bet they’re only going to continue to get better and cheaper.

2. You don’t need any wind
As you can see, smooth conditions are actually preferable. No more treks to that windy beach or long drives to the gorge. A lake will work just fine.

3. You can perfectly control the speed and height.
Imagine programming your drone for a ramp and rail park? Unreal.

4. You can hook up a camera to get the ultimate aerial video of your ride

The only downsides we see are that you’ll want someone else to drive the drone for the near-term, and it will take some more power before the drone can truly launch you into the air. All solvable problems. We’re bullish :).

via FridayatFive

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