Britney Spears Just Jumped in Bed with Jimmy Kimmel and Six Other Men

Britney Spears pranking Jimmy Kimmel in bed


Britney Spears might be getting a little long in the tooth.  But she proved that she’s still young at heart by conspiring with Jimmy Kimmel’s wife to pull off a prank to break into his house and throw a surprise serenade.  You might be thinking, well she’s not as hot as she was, but that sounds pretty good right?

Not so much.  While Britney decided to rock a pretty sexy little black swimsuit? getup, she swiftly delivered a bucket of ice water to Kimmel’s boxer zone by teaming up with six, shirtless male backup dancers to help her out.  They politely decided to really give Jimmy a show, turning the late night serenade into a Magic Mike act complete with thrusting and other images you can’t easily erase from your memory.

Kimmel is no stranger to late night surprises.  Apparently, he’s been surprised in bed by John Krasinsky, and Rihanna.  Which begs us to ask, who would you rather have surprise you in the middle of the night?

Watch the video here:

via Brobile


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