Is Rickie Fowler Rocking Hitler Hair at the Olympics?

ricky fowler haircut, hitler haircut


The 2016 Rio Olympics kicked off with the opening ceremonies tonight.  Before jumping into the main event, NBC took to the stands to interview some of the Olympics’ most prominent US athletes.  After hitting Michael Phelps, they turned it over to none other than the generally flat-brim rocking golfer Rickie Fowler.  Outside of being shocked to see him without his Puma cap, we were a bit surprised to see a perfectly quaffed hairdo resembling… Hitler?

Turns out the hairdo is known as an undercut, and Fowler isn’t the first since 1945 to mimic the Fuhrer.  According to Wikipedia, “Historically, the undercut has been associated with poverty and inability to afford a barber competent enough to blend in the sides, as on a regular haircut.”

In Germany this fancy do caught on with Nazi officers.  It’s been revived a few times to date.  First in the nineties by none other than Tom Cruise.  Then in the 2000’s it caught on with indie kids and skaters.  And trendsetters took note.

Like the always stylish:

Kim Jong Un

And the everstylish dubbstep DJ Skrillex:


Not to mention style mavens like the hardest hip hop home boy, Macklemore.  And Rihanna.  All we’ve got to say is Saúde ! Rickie – power move.

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