These Celebrity Net Worths Left Us Shocked


Lindsay Lohan net worth

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When you’re on top and rolling in the dough, it’s much easier to shower yourself in champagne than imagine losing it all. From some of these celebs, it’s worked and for others not so much.

Some people make more than you’d think – and some who should be really rich are practically middle class –

These 31 celebrities have the most shocking net worths that you will never believe.

#31 Lindsay Lohan

Net Worth: $500,000

Meh. Lindsay Lohan is worth something like $500,000, which is surprising since she’s literally done nothing interesting in the past 5 years.

Since the 2000’s, Lindsay’s been a hot mess and in 2012, her bank account was seized by the IRS because she owed almost $300K in back taxes.

You know you’re in a bad place when Charlie Sheen has to write you a $100K check. But thankfully, the fairy godmother herself swooped in…Oprah paid Lindsay $2 million to produce a series of interviews that appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


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