This Guy Asked His Roommate to Wear a Bra?


Yesterday, a very thoughtful and concerned girl by the username of Heatherweather3 took to Reddit to get some advice. Her story leaves us scratching our head, and slightly worried about her roommate.

The Story Starts

Girl in Bra

Image: Pixabay

“I figured this would be the right place to ask advice on this issue.
I recently moved into a new apartment with two new people that were friends of a friend looking for a third roommate. It was a girl and a guy who were platonic friends.”

It Gets Better

Bra Close Up

Image: Pixabay

“I really don’t mind them at all. They’re very chill seem like decent people. We haven’t had any problems until last night. I was hanging out with the female roommate, and she brought up our other roommate in conversation. She said he’d asked her to talk to me about wearing a bra around the apartment.”

Wait what?

She goes on, “He apparently makes fun of me for it, and it really bothers him. I didn’t know what to say. I have larger breasts, and bras are really restricting and uncomfortable for me. I look forward to the moment all day where I can take my bra off and take a deep breath.”


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