Woman Cheated Out of $43 Million Jackpot at a NYC Casino


Winner, winner chicken dinner…sike!

This woman thought she struck gold at a Queens casino when her slot machine hit $43 million jackpot.

Katrina Bookman already envisioned how she would spend her riches when the management team from the Resorts World Casino broke the news that her winning ticket was a technical glitch and her winnings were a mere $2.25.

Image via Facebook / Katrina Bookman

Image via Facebook / Katrina Bookman

Let them eat steak

As a consolation prize for finding out she would not be a multi-millionaire, the casino offered Katrina a steak dinner – on the house of course. Lame.

Image via Facebook / Resorts World Casino New York City

Image via Facebook / Resorts World Casino New York City

The house always wins

Katrina, who rightly feels burned by the casino, plans on suing the casino and already lawyered up. She’s a mother of four and recently lost her job. In the minutes following her big jackpot win, she thought her life changed forever.

Her lawyer to NY Daily News that “the casino should honor the advertised payout. He said the casino used the same broken machine to take money from players, and that everyone who used the machine should at least get their money back.”

The New York State Gaming Commission confirmed Bookman is only entitled to her $2 earnings.

Not cool!

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