You Won’t Believe Which Celebs Trump Has in His Corner


You thought Hillary Clinton had Hollywood in the bag? Think again. While she may Katy Perry, President Obama, and pretty much the entire rap community on lock, Trump has won a place in the hearts of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music, sports, and politics.

Hillary has some colorful supporters, like Rupaul and Lady Gaga. But The Donald has a list that you couldn’t compile if you tried. Some of the names on the list won’t surprise you too much, but many are downright shocking. The last few are pretty surprising all things considered. Let’s jump into the list.

Aaron Carter


Image credit: Wikimedia / Paparazzo

Wow, this endorsement carries a lot of weight. Aaron Carter explained in an April interview with People Magazine that he supports Donald Trump because he likes “somebody who likes to defy the odds.” He went on to say, “I’m too intelligent for you guys — like people, who don’t understand politics. I have a lot more information than I’ve given out,” he said.


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