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Here are the Top 10 Hottest Airlines. And We Bet You Haven’t Heard of Half of Them


Unless you’re lying flat on a new jumbo jet with palm trees or adventure as your destination, flying is generally one of the least enjoyable parts of any trip.  Unless you happen to have a hot flight attendant, catering to your every need.  Or at least serving you packs of peanuts and rubbing her behind into the back of your head as she passes by with the drink cart.  With that in mind, we’re here to make your next trip a bit more enjoyable by rounding up the ten hottest airlines, based on the quality of their flight attendants.  We promise this isn’t your standard, boring list, chalked full of prim and proper beauties.  Wait until you see the end of the list.

Mexico's oldest airline's flight attendants have a wild side. When the airline filed for temporary Bankruptcy in 2011, laid off Mexicana stewardesses took to Playboy to vent, and we are impressed. (image credit: Pinterest)

10. Mexicana



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