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Introducing the Glazed Doughnut Brisket Sandwich

Glazed Doughnut Brisket Sandwich
Image: Reddit user bullet_to_binary


Not sure what’s on the menu for this weekend? If you’re willing to trade the potential of a heart attack, or at the very least a serious case of heart burn, for one of the most deliciously intense sandwich creations that we’ve ever seen – than save room for the glazed doughnut brisket sandwich.

The sandwich above, called the Chonut, hails from Kimchi Smoke Barbecue. A Texas-style BBQ joint in Westwood, New Jersey that infuses traditional BBQ favorites with both a Korean and downright creative twist.

What Goes Into a Chonut

When you look at this brisket sandwich, you know you’re not in Texas anymore because they’ve thrown convention to the wayside with cheese, bacon, scallions, smoked kinchi, Fatboy BCS (Bourbon Chipotle Sauce of course), and last but not least some amazing smoked brisket and a glazed doughnut.

The dish is available Fridays and Saturdays only for $15. But if that doesn’t fit your schedule, fear not, Kimchi Smoke has an incredibly solid selection of not quite equally crazy but still over-the-top BBQ fusion creations. There’s the Korean Redneck Tacos, which combines mmoked pork shoulder, fatboy sauce, Korean slaw or kimchi. Then there’s the Texas BCS Rice Bowl, which takes the smoked pork shoulder, Korean slaw, kimchi, and chili and adds it to Rice, topped with Fatboy Bourbon Chipotle Sauce. And you can top it off with smoked brisket. Then theres brisket, ribs, and a slightly more tame but ultra popular sandwich called the Austin Cho, that combines brisket on a brioche bun with their signature sauce and Korean themed toppings.

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