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This Company Fulfills Your Digital Nomad Fantasy for $2k/month

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Have you ever dreamed about working from the beach in Split, Croatia?  How about Chiang Mai, Thailand?  It sounds like the absolute dream.  But then all of the logistics set in.

Will the Wifi be good?  Where will I work?  Where will I live? How will I make friends?

Enter Remote Year

Two year-old company, Remote Year, just closed a $12 million funding round to help them massively expand their program, which makes living like a digital nomad as easy and logistics-free as we could imagine.

The company offers the opportunity for 75 person classes to live the digital nomad’s dream for an entire year, for a price of course. But it’s actually a pretty interesting deal. After paying a $5,000 down payment and agreeing to pay $2k/month for the next 11 months, the Remote York team handles pretty much everything else.

Remote Year Team

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