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7-Year Old Ohio Boy Tries Selling Teddy Bear for Food. What the Police Did to Help Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Sad Teddy Bear


Franklin Ohio Police officer Steve Dunham was called to the scene of a downtown CVS drug store when reports came in that there was a young boy alone, without his parents.  When Officer Dunham arrived at the scene, he found a 7 year-old boy who was trying to sell his stuffed teddy bear for food.

The boy told the officer that he hadn’t eaten in several days. “It broke my heart,” Dunham said.

So he packed the boy in his car and took him to Subway

The officer and the boy said a prayer and ate together. According to Police Chief Russ Whitman, Dunham brought the boy back to the Police department and gave the boy the comfort and safety he lacked at home.

Even though it was a short encounter, it seemed to revive the boys spirits, as he was joking around with Dunham and acting like a playful 7 year-old kid later at the station.

When the police went to investigate the boy’s home situation, they found that the child and his four brothers lived in squalor, with cat feces, urine and liquor bottles filling the house.

The parents, Tammy and Michael Bethel, were charged with 10 counts of child endangering.

To Officer Dunham we say Hi Five!

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via WLWT News, image credit: Caroline / Flickr

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