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Worlds Series of Poker Just Got Seriously Intense with this $5M Hand

World Series of Poker Texas Holdem William Kossouf Griffin Benger
Image via Youtube / PokerXpress. Net


Hold on to your britches, boys…it’s about to go down real hard.

During the World Series of Poker this week, the stakes were high and tensions stiff when William Kassouf and Griffin Benger went head-to-head in a hand of Texas Holdem. The total pot was $27.8 million dollars and these guys went all in with $5.9 million before the hand was dealt.

You’d think the stress alone of a bet this size would be enough to send you off the edge, but for Griffin Benger, it was the ever annoying banter from Kassouf. This dude is probably the most annoying guy to ever play poker with EVER, but Benger keeps his cool with his stone cold stare until he just completely unleashes it on this twerp.

Just watch how it all unfolds. It’s a nail bitter!


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