These Rappers Just Crucified Donald Trump and Their Quotes are Hilarious

Donald Trump on Wrecking Ball with Quote about Ivanka


It’s no secret what the hip hop community thinks of Donald Trump.  So when YG and Nipsey Hustle teamed up on the original anti-Trump collaboration, FDT (you guess the meaning), we had to laugh.  When G-Eazy and Macklemore hopped on the track, releasing FDT, Pt. 2, we took a close listen.  The track leaves no stone unturned.  Regardless of what you think of Trump and Clinton, there is some pure creative genius at work.  Check out the quotes below and let us know what you think of the song (player at the end of the article).

Donald Trump Toupee


“This man’s not peaceful, racism’s evil” – G-Eazy


FDT2 Donald Trump Macklemore Quote and Picture

“Your politics are like a Starburst pack. Nobody f***s with the orange one” – Macklemore


Bald Donald Trump

“What if we ban all the white dudes? Because a couple have run up in trenchcoats and rifles” – Macklemore


Donald Trump in Sumo Ring

“I’ma stay right here, I ain’t livin’ in fear. With my people who are Muslims, Mexican and queer” – Macklemore


Donald Trump Vulture Face with Quote

“Since America is f****d up anyway. Give Obama a third term, that’s what plenty say” – YG


Donald Trump on Wrecking Ball with Quote about Ivanka

“Just left Texas, hit the stage for a couple thousand. And had your same color people hollerin'” – YG


Donald Trump YG Quote

Image credit for all the photos goes to the talented political cartoonist, Donkey Hotey. All images modified by The Coozy. Lyrics from

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