This Clown Just Robbed a 7-Eleven with a 2×4 and Got Away With It


A dangerous felon is on the loose. The man’s choice of weapon. A tiny 2×4.

You’ve got to love his confidence as he twirls the short piece of wood in the air before catching it and getting ready to try to bully his way into that 7-Eleven money.

What’s even funnier is that it worked. The 35 year-old perp was able to convince the non-confrontational 7-Eleven checker to comply with his demands. He eventually succeeds and runs off with an unknown amount of cash.

According to the description of the robbery, “after taking an unknown amount of money from the first cash register, he fled and was last seen east on Hunting Park then south on Frankford Avenue. The cash register drawer was recovered on the 3900 block of Frankford Avenue.”

It goes on, “If you see this suspect do not approach, contact 911 immediately.” Yeah he might really know how to wield that 2×4.

Would you have let him take the cash?

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