Watch: Atlanta Rapper Shows His Generosity By Making it Rain on the Homeless

Atlanta Rapper gives money to homeless


While rapper Ralo never claimed to be Mother Teresa, his way of giving back to Atlanta’s homeless community is anything but conventional.

While in the strip club showering the ladies in dolla dolla bills, he thought to himself…why must we throw thousands of dollars at naked women when we can sprinkle it on the homeless.

With that in mind, Ralo aka Terrell Davis, took the streets, and you just have to watch what happens next. Ralo also has some good words of wisdom for all you strip club go-ers…

“To all you guys in the strip club, let’s not do Magic City Monday. Let’s do Homeless Monday, Homeless Tuesday” and so on. He challenged his rapper friends that “if he could get a couple of them together, the homeless wouldn’t be homeless no more.”

You just have to watch for yourself…


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