Would This Indian Guy do Well With Hot Black and Asian Girls?

Indian Body Builder


You can’t make this stuff up. A Reddit user by the original username lmfao111222 took to the internet to ask the world a very serious question:

Would this indian guy do well with hot black and asian girls?

He goes on:

Honestly I hate being Indian and I would date any girls except for Indian ones. I know there is a big obstacle that I need to overcome, but I am willing to put in the work in the gym. I already have for 5 years now.

Fortunately he got some good feedback from the venerable user ifindshitt:

lol it looks like that snapchat filter that switches your face with someone elses.

anyway, most girls don’t like the huge/competition body. think brad pitt from fight club. if he cut the pedo mustache I could see him doing well.

Indian Body Builder

Image: Reddit / Indianbodybuilding

to which he responded

I’m only 5’8 I have no choice. Honestly fuck this earth for giving me such shitty genetics. At least I’m really athletic also so that’s a plus. I just hate being short so much. Even more than being Indian. If I was 6ft I could fuck people up.

Comments still developing.

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