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Now Here’s How You Cook a 58-Ounce Steak


This may be the biggest steak we’ve ever seen. Your average ribeye steak weighs anywhere from 12 to 20 ounces, but the grillers at Anaheim’s Ranch Restaurant and Saloon are raising the stakes here (sorry, had to). Their 58-ounce is their pride and joy and people travel from all over to get in on the action.

58 ounce steak, anaheim, ranch saloon

Image via FoodBeast

Grilled to Perfection

Michael Rossi is the head chef at the ultra trendy restaurant and disclosed the secret recipe to the FoodBeast for how to cook this beast to perfection.

“It begins with breaking down a 26-pound, seven-boned cowboy ribeye into seven 58-ounce chops. Then, they are seasoned with kosher salt and cracked black pepper and charred in an 800-degree broiler,” he said. “After the meat has achieved optimum tenderness with a rosy pink color, it is paired with The Ranch’s signature Scalloped Russet Potatoes made with Grafton Farms White Cheddar, herbs, and a bordelaise sauce.”

58 ounce steak the ranch saloon, anaheim

Image via FoodBeast

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